AIOBA Energy Consultants, S.L. is a Strategic Consultancy company in the Renewable Energies (RE) and Energy Efficiency (EE) fields, founded in 2010 that provides services to capitals, companies and institutions (both public and private) in the following sectors of activity:

  • Advice to companies in their RE and EE market entry or consolidation strategy:
    • Selection of technologies and processes.
    • Viability, market and competitiveness studies.
    • Strategic Plans and Business Plans.
    • Interim Management.
  • Advice to owners and potential buyers in the sale or acquisition of wind farms and solar photovoltaic plants:
    • Investment analysis
    • Profitability study
    • Asset valuation
  • Advice to property in the development and construction of wind farms and PV plants including technical, financial and administrative support.

AIOBA extends its activities to Europe, Latin America and USA.