AIOBA partners show a large experience in key areas for its success.

The involvement in the creation and development of the Spanish National Research Institute for Renewable Energies (CENER) and the participation in the expansion and consolidation of GAMESA as one of the largest Wind Turbine Generators manufacturer in the word, give AIOBA its solid foundations in the RE and EE fields. This R&D and industrial background is transformed into essential tools for our Strategic Consultancy projects.

Also a strong knowledge of financial institutions allows us to interact with them at the appropriate level and gives opportunities to access capitals with investment interest in Renewable Energies.

Large institutional experience (both public and private) gives AIOBA a privileged position to advice companies and governments on the energy regulatory frameworks. Partners of AIOBA have had a strong influence in the development of renewable energies in Spain and some Latin America countries.

Finally, our background in laws give us an opportunity to give first legal advice to customers and to coordinate the right specialized firms for each project.

AIOBA is creating strategic partnerships with companies in the RE sector, project developers, OEM manufacturers, engineering firms, financial advisors and law firms to provide high value integrated services to its customers.